Q: What do Grade S+, S, A and R Stand for?

In WISE WING, we have 4 grades for them in particular.

Grade S+

Grade S+ is the highest quality level, which means the part is brand new, OEM manufactured and assembled. We get this kind of parts from the first level trader. 100% Original.

Grade S

Grade S is the second high quality level. The part works as well as OEM, except the glass lens is not original, which means only the glass lens is replaced, but the whole part is same as new.

Grade A+

Grade A+ part is also made by original components. The part uses all original components such as LCD screen, digitizer touch screen and glass lens, but the materials are assembled by third party manufacturer while functioning well.

Grade R+

Grade R+ part, this kind of part is original compliant. It’s aimed to help repair shops or individuals to save more, and it’s definitely capable of normal use.


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